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Construction accounting will improve your Accounting system

We provide tailored accounting services to businesses in the construction idustry
Construction Accounting

Fix your accounts

We ensure your accounting software is tailored to your specific operations.

Construction Accounting

Reduce your taxes

We help you pay less tax using effective tax reduction techniques.

Construction Accounting

Generate Personal Wealth

We ensure you recieve the financial rewards you are entitled to.

Accounting services

We do two things very well
Construction Accounting

Improve financials

Your accounting system must represent your businesses activities. Fortunately we don't productise our services, we make sure our accounting services are tailored to each individual company.

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Construction Accounting

Reduce Tax

Our tax services provide certainty and assurance that you are not over paying in tax. We improve your tax efficiency by taking a holistic approach that incorporates your business and personal finances over 3 years.

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About Us

The construction accounting experts
Construction Accounting


We know exactly how to tailor accounting systems to suit construction businesses. Whether you are using MYOB, Xero, or something else, we can design your system to suit your businesses operations. So you get the most out of your accounting system.
Having your financials tailored to your business increases the clarity, understanding and control you have over the financial side of your business.

Construction Accounting


We specialise in accounting for construction businesses and we keep it simple.
- We ensure your accounts suit your business.
- We ensure you are not over paying tax.
- We institute profit first principles and encourage owners to grow their personal wealth as well as their business.

Construction Accounting

Meet Brayden

Brayden went straight into the construction industry. He worked as a building apprentice for a little over two years and then progressed to a leading role as a scaffolder before starting his own business. For over 12 years, Brayden started, ran and sold multiple business within the construction industry whilst completing his degree and starting his own accounting firm. He is now solely focused on accounting and advisory for other construction businesses.

The trades we work with

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See what others have to say

We work especially hard to deliver the best and most suited tax and accounting strategies to our clients.

"These guys understood my business and new the best strategies for tax"

Construction Accounting

"Having a specialised Construction Accountant saved me so much time"

Construction Accounting

"By focusing on what we get out of the business we began to build our personal wealth and become financial stable for the first time"

Construction Accounting

"Adding Business Advisory helped us maximise our profit by determining our optimum operating capacity"

Construction Accounting
Construction Accounting
Construction Accounting

Frequently asked questions

How do I get started?

Construction Accounting

Most people will give us a call and have a quick chat prior to arranging our initial accounting consultation. However please feel free to email us or complete our online forms.
Once we hear from you, we will schedule an initial consultation, this is a no obligation, free of charge meeting. We find these meetings vary from simply getting to know each other, to an analysis of a companies financial statements. This is completely over to you.
After this meeting we will provide you with a formal accounting proposal outlining the services you have requested and our fees.
Upon acceptance of this proposal we begin the onboarding processes.

Do you work with Xero?

Construction Accounting

Yes we have worked with Xero for over 12 years and are a Xero Partner but more importantly all of our accountants are fully certified Xero advisors. We believe Xero has made a huge positive impact on accounting in New Zealand. It is very user friendly, and when set up correctly, and kept up to date it will drastically reduce your end of year accounting costs.

Do you work with MYOB?

Construction Accounting

Yes we really like MYOB for construction accounting. Although the trend does favor Xero, MYOB has some really good features, for builders in particular. It is reasonably priced and just as good to work with, about 30% of our clients currently use MYOB.

Why should I use Construction Accounting?

Construction Accounting

You should choose an accountant that you get on with first and foremost. Secondly you would look at their experience, and lastly pricing.

1. Unfortunately or fortunately, we are who we are, so you will have to make your mind up on this one. However we are honest, hardworking accountants, heavily tilted towards business operations and advisory in the construction industry.

2. We know business. And not just through our clients, but through owning and operating businesses. We know the demands placed upon business owners who work tirelessly. It is very competitive, you are most likely a price taker, finding the right staff is always a challenge and providing the products and services you offer your clients can be tough. We want to help make your life easier by providing the services you actually need that will be of most support.

3. We believe our prices are fair for the accounting services we deliver. We will always try and over deliver to ensure our customers are getting value for money.

What about my current accountant?

Construction Accounting

Out of courtesy, you may notify your accountant about the change personally. However we will handle this on your behalf, and provide all the necessary formalities to assist in the transfer of the information held. Your old accountant is obligated to provide us with all the necessary documents and records of your financial information. We also notify the IRD and Companies office of the changes. We do not charge for this service and it is really very rare to receive any fee from the old accountant.
It is a very easy process and one that we are particularly skilled in. We absorb your information quickly to provide a seamless transition so your business can pick up immediately from where it left off.

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