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Construction bookkeeping services that get you back out on site


Construction Bookkeeping is uniquely positioned to cater to the specific needs of the construction industry. We have extensive expertise in construction management, accounting, and payroll software, having worked with all major platforms.

Our services are tailored to provide three main benefits crucial for construction businesses:

1. Customised accounting system setup to suit individual business operations.

2. Access to up-to-date financial information for informed decision-making.

3. Unmatched knowledge of the software utilised by our clients.

By leveraging our expertise and understanding of the construction sector, we ensure that our clients receive specialized and effective financial management solutions tailored to their industry requirements.

  • Construction Software administration
    Job Costing, Invoice and bill entry, communications.
  • Timesheet and Payroll Processing
    Compilation, approvals, communications and filing of payroll.
  • Accounting Transactions and Tax
    Bank reconciliations, gst returns, journal entries and balance sheet transactions.
  • Financial Forecasting and Reporting
    Creating, maintaining and reporting on budgets, KPI reporting and financial performance reports.

What we do?

Accounting Software

MYOB and Xero are top accounting software choices for construction businesses, offering streamlined financial management. MYOB provides comprehensive tools, including invoicing and inventory management. Xero offers real-time data access and bank reconciliation features. These platforms benefit construction firms by ensuring accurate financial records and facilitating efficient invoicing. Construction bookkeeping services enhance these benefits by customizing software setups to suit specific business needs, providing up-to-date financial information, and leveraging extensive software knowledge to optimize efficiency. With tailored bookkeeping support, construction companies can maximize the effectiveness of MYOB and Xero, improving productivity and profitability.

Construction Software

BuilderTrend, Buildxact, Procore, SimPro, and Fergus are leading construction management software solutions, each offering unique features tailored to the industry. BuilderTrend streamlines project management, from scheduling to client communication. BuildExact focuses on estimating, job costing, and project tracking. Procore offers comprehensive project management tools, including document control and subcontractor management. SimPro specialises in job management, quoting, and invoicing for trade contractors. Fergus provides job tracking, scheduling, and invoicing for small to medium-sized construction businesses. Construction bookkeeping services enhance these software benefits by integrating financial data seamlessly, ensuring accuracy, and providing expert support for software utilization, optimizing efficiency and profitability in construction operations.


Payroll software like Deputy, Crystal, and Smartly offer efficient solutions for managing employee wages and benefits. They automate payroll processing, employee scheduling, and time tracking, streamlining HR operations. For construction companies, adhering to best practices in payroll management is crucial for compliance with labor laws and regulations. These software solutions help ensure accurate payroll calculations, minimize errors, and maintain detailed records, enhancing transparency and accountability in wage management. Construction bookkeeping services further enhance these benefits by integrating payroll data with accounting systems, providing comprehensive financial oversight and compliance assurance.


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