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Feb, 2022

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Construction management software implmentation
How can an accountant help with the implmentation of your construction management software?
A construction accountant aids in construction software implementation by assessing needs, managing data migration, configuring financial tools, offering training, ensuring compliance, and optimising financial management for construction projects.
Cash flow forecasting
Cash flow forecasting puts you back in control
Being in control of your cashflow has never been more important. We’ll help you set up detailed cashflow forecasting to put you back in the cashflow driving seat.
Year end checklist
Year end checklist
It’s time for us to start working on your annual accounts, so we’ll need some information from you to help us complete your accounts.
Schedular Payments
Schedular Payments / Withholding tax guide
As Construction Accountants, we get questioned a lot regarding schedular payments and contracting. Our advice is keep it simple. Schedular payments are made to self employed people or contractors who do not work for a PAYE wage. The tax deducted from these payments is called withholding tax.
Planning & Strategy
What's the difference between planning and strategy?
A business strategy on the other hand is a set of actionable steps or milestones that you will take to implement your business plans. It is through the business strategy that your will help you.‍
Construction Accounting Basics
Xero Guide - Construction Accounting Basics
Construction is unlike any other business. So how do you learn the basics of construction accounting?
Home Office Expenses
Home Office Expenses
If you’re a construction business owner and use part of your family home for work, you can make a claim for this as a business expense. In order to claim the expenses, there must be a connection between the use of your home and the business income being generated.
Sole Traders
Introduction for Sole Traders
Understanding your tax obligations as a sole trader is essential, but it's also important to know how to best maximise your tax efficiency. As construction accountants we deal with a lot of sole traders
Construction Accounting
Construction Accounting vs Regular Accounting
Construction accountants are specialised accounting professionals that apply unique tax rules and financial reporting methods to the financial management of a company.
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